Energy Solutions

Through our relationships with top solar equipment suppliers, vendors, and finance organizations, we can deliver innovative solar solutions that provide long-term value and advance the positive impacts of solar energy for your business and community.  Working together, we can develop and deliver the best solar energy project for you.  

Our Energy Solutions Include:

Solar Farms

Open and underutilized land - such as a farm, vacant lot, parking lot - can provide an ideal site to develop a revenue-generating ground mounted solar farm.  Do you have fifty or more acres of land that you want to generate additional income?  Consider leasing the land for a solar farm.  By leasing the land, you maintain ownership while creating a new source of revenue.  At the end of the term of the solar project, all panels can be removed and the land returned to its original condition.  

Community Solar & Microgrid

Community solar projects are an alternative approach to providing solar power in local neighborhoods.  Instead of using individual rooftop systems, community members can pool their resources to invest in a shared solar power supply and microgrid.  Through net metering, members "bank" the excess generated electricity, sell it back to the utility company, and receive credit on their electric bills.  Community solar projects are the ideal solution to providing access and benefits for people who are unable to install their own rooftop systems. 

Commercial Solar Rooftop

Adding a solar power generating system to your building's rooftop can help boost your business bottom line.  Federal and state governments have put in place aggressive financial incentives to help make the out-right purchase of a solar power system much easier.  These include federal incentives which allow businesses who install a solar power system a tax credit on the cost of the system.  In addition, businesses can sell the excess electricity to the utility company for a credit to lower electric bills.