About Us

Future Energy Resources, LLC is a Virginia-based company that provides world-class solar solutions for businesses, government, communities, and landowners. The company was founded by Marian M. Pegram whose vision is to help communities expand the use of solar and renewable energy, protect the environment, and create jobs.  

Future Energy Resources, LLC is dedicated to delivering efficient, effective solar solutions that offer long-term sustainable energy that benefit our clients.  We pride ourselves in being a community-minded solar service developer.  Our mission is to deliver value to businesses and communities by creating new solar energy opportunities.    

Do you want to develop a solar project?  Our project team will oversee the entire process. Whether you are interested in designing a rooftop system or generating additional income through under-utilized land, our expert guidance can provide the right solution for your specific solar project.  Our knowledge of developing solar projects and identifying the best partnering relationships will help us deliver the best results for your project.  We are committed to working with you to ensure that your desired vision and outcomes are achieved.  

Marian M. Pegram, President

Marian M. Pegram is an experienced business consulting professional with over twenty-years of experience assisting government, private sector, and non-profit organizations in the areas of business development, project management, and community outreach.  Ms. Pegram is skilled in identifying and translating organizational needs into practical, cost-efficient, and high-impact results.  She is also experienced in managing the overall planning, direction, and successful implementation of client projects.